about me

I am a Deacon in the United Methodist Church, serving in Chicago with my husband Tom, and am very lucky to be step-mom to two awesome young men. I’m a student in the Master’s of Divinity program at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, and serve with Tom at New Hope Church in Norwood Park, and I also work part time in the Ethics & Compliance Department at Aon.

I long to follow Jesus. Acting on that longing, I’ve found I love to hang out with people and hear their stories; in the community room at the shelter, the food pantry at our church, in vans full of teenagers heading to serve in Appalachia, in the office break room, the coffee shop, the hospital… I feel especially called to serve in relationship with people who are suffering here and now, whether that is due to financial distress, health, family issues, social oppression, or loneliness. It is a special blessing simply to converse with people while resting in the awareness that we are all – in all our differences – created uniquely in the image of our God of love.


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